Update Your Kitchen Counter Tops

Your kitchen counter can tie a space together. The right counter matches the surroundings, accentuating your style and providing additional benefits. The wrong counter can make a kitchen feel dull, lifeless, and inspire you to leave instead of entertain. At L&M Granite Countertops we specialize in stone countertops that bring your kitchen to life. With a wide variety of kitchen counter options, our specialists will help you determine which type of stone is right for you. Some of the properties you’ll want to consider include:

Stone Kitchen Counter Considerations

Kitchen countertop

  • Stone Type:
    • Hard – Hard stones include granite and quartz. These make excellent kitchen countertops and are incredibly durable with a great heat resistance.
    • Soft – Soft stones like marble and onyx are beautiful and unique but require greater upkeep.
  • Coloring: Our professionals can control the color of certain materials to a degree. We also know the different hues and spectrums you can expect from each material type. We’ll help you match the color or your new kitchen counter to the rest of the kitchen.
  • Usage: Depending on how you want to use your counter, you’ll want specific stone types. Some can act as cutting surfaces, others are completely heat resistant, and the likelihood of scratches, chips, and abrasions varies heavily across materials.
  • Budget: Because we’ve designed our business around in-house craftsmanship and eliminated out-sourcing labor, we can offer reduced prices on all of our materials. This allows us to provide the highest quality kitchen countertops in Arizona at cost-effective prices for every homeowner.

Kitchen countertop materials we install include:

Professional countertops for your kitchen.

We’re with you at every single step in the process. From choosing the right material to fabrication and installation, our team does what it takes to provide you with a long lasting stone countertop. There’s never been a better time to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. The right counter can change the entire feel of a room and we can’t wait to help you find it. Call or contact us today for your new kitchen counter top.